Fancy Footwear – For this week your child can decorate any footwear that is suitable for walking in – please avoid high heels, flip-flops, slippers or anything with wheels. The footwear must be decorated rather than just bright trainers worn to school.

We were all thrilled to meet Buster the dinosaur this morning in Chiswell Green. Nearly 120 children and adults arrived to meet him and have their photos taken. Members of the Hertfordshire Road Safety Team then walked with the children to school as Buster’s legs were just too short to manage to walk at the same pace as the children (who were anxious not to be late)!

Please remember to walk to school everyday this week. Any children who walk 10 minutes or more will get a special ‘walk to school’ sticker every day. Let’s get fit, reduce pollution and keep our roads outside our school safe for our children.