Monday: Stopped for lunch on the way at Thetford Forest then arrived safely at Kingswood at 3.20pm. It was raining when we arrived but the sun came out half an hour later and the children got on with their first activity. Everyone has had dinner and we are about to have an evening activity of rocket building.

9.20am : Everyone had a good night’s sleep then they were up nice and early for a football match in the sunshine before breakfast. Lots of activities happening today; abseiling, archery, bouldering and much more. The sun is shining and it looks like it is going to be quite warm!

Tuesday 18:30: An action packed day. Stayed dry all day! Just about to have dinner, everyone is looking forward to watching a movie and having hot chocolate.

8.00am: Everyone slept well after watching the film. Up bright and early this morning for a room inspection! Today we are going to explore a local river and then after lunch more activities.

Wednesday 17:45; Rain kept away again and weather not too cold. The river exploration went well and this afternoon’s activities have been fun. After dinner, there will be a mystery trail evening.

Thursday 8.20am: Another sunny day at Kingswood. We are off to the beach after breakfast. All the children slept well again.

1:30pm: Back from the beach.

Thursday 18:40: Last outdoor activities for Kingswood have finished, with just dinner and the disco left! Everyone is excited and worn-out from another action packed dry day.

Friday 8.30am: All packed – well nearly –  and everyone is ready to go home.