Below are three easy ways in which you can help raise money for the school without having to spend a single penny more than you were already planning!

Have you got a Co-op membership card?
Every time you use your membership card you earn cash back and you can allocate 1% to a chosen charity, of which we are one.
• Buy a membership card for £1 from the Co-op
• Sign up on the website at
• Once logged in go to Choose a local project to back with your 1% and select Killigrew Schools Association

The Giving Machine
Do all your shopping via The Giving Machine shopping link, then a percentage of what you spend will go to the school. Just follow these steps below (it takes less than 2 minutes)
• Go to
• Click on ‘Join to support a cause’
• Type in Killigrew in the Search box, and then select Killigrew Nursery & Primary School and click on Join & Support
• You then need to fill in a few details to register or do this via Facebook
• Then click on Go shop where you will find a link to lots of popular sites such as Amazon, John Lewis, eBay etc.

Match Funding
Does your company offer match funding? Speak to your HR department to find out.
Most large UK companies offer match funding, where they will match pound for pound any money you have raised for a charity such as our school. For example, if you have helped with a cake sale which has raised £250 pounds, you can ask your company to match this £250. All you need to do is fill in a form saying how much money you have raised and they will match it, up to £1000.