• Nursery tour dates

    Nursery tour dates

    Nursery tour dates: Friday 19th January 2018 9.00am Thursday 25th January 2018 9.00am Wednesday 31st January 2018 9.00am Please contact the Infant office to book a place.

  • Sporting badges

    Sporting badges

    Some of our pupils have acquired an impressive badge collection! Badges are given for participating in three competitive sports matches, or one off sporting events where a pupil qualifies to county level. There are different […]

  • Twitter


    If you would like to follow our Twitter account please fill in the form attached to this letter – Twitter letter Then request to join at https://twitter.com/KilligrewSchool

  • 'Stop Speeding' competition

    ‘Stop Speeding’ competition

    Today, the local PCSO team returned to Killigrew to announce the winning 3 entries for the ‘Stop Speeding’ competition. The Travel Ambassadors all submitted a poster and the winning entries are shown in the photo below. Well […]

  • Spotacular Children in Need

    Spotacular Children in Need

    Thank you for participating in a Spotacular Children in Need on Friday. In total, we raised £664.64.

  • Y6 Imperial War Museum

    Y6 Imperial War Museum

    Yesterday, Year 6 visited The Imperial War Museum at Duxford. Whilst they were there, they were able to learn more about the Second World War to support their topic learning. Today, the whole school remembered […]

  • Travel Plan 2017-2018

    Travel Plan 2017-2018

    Here is our current Travel Plan 2017-2018. School Travel Plan for Killigrew Primary and Nursery School

  • Travel Ambassadors

    Travel Ambassadors

    Look out for our Y6 Travel Ambassadors when you come to school. They are part of our Road Monster campaign and they are trying to encourage safe and respectful parking. Our Travel Ambassadors were out in […]

  • Poetry Busk

    Poetry Busk

    Thank you to everyone who supported this year’s Poetry Busk. 

  • Scooter training in Year 2 and Year 3

    Scooter training in Year 2 and Year 3

    Scooter training in Year 2 and Year 3. The children are being shown how to use their scooters safely.