Children are set regular homework which includes reading, learning multiplication tables and a variety of tasks linked to all areas of the curriculum. We consider home learning as an opportunity for the children to consolidate their learning from school and thus we ensure that the homework is accessible for all children. In Years 5 & 6 we encourage the children to become independent learners because we understand the importance of preparing them for the transition to secondary school. To this end there is an increase in the amount of homework and the responsibility for completing and handing homework in on time moves to the child.
Reading Passport
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 3 Handwriting Sheet
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6

Ideas to help your child with maths learning:
YR Maths
Y1 Maths
Y2 Maths
Y3 Maths
Y4 Maths
Y5 Maths
Y6 Maths

Understanding Key Number Facts
Understanding Timetables & the 24 hour clock
Understanding Decimals
Understanding Fractions
Interpreting Line Graphs
Using a Protractor
Reading Scales
Scaling Up
Bar Charts and Tables
Time & Timelines

Phonic Pronunciation
YouTube video showing the correct phonic pronunciations

A really rich resource, for extending more able children, with new activities each month; use the archive to find activities and solutions from previous months.