Classes for the academic year 2017-18


Nursery Class teacher: Mrs Tsang; teaching assistants Mrs Robinson and Mrs Hill
Rainbow Class teacher: Mrs Gunatissa; teaching assistant Mrs Dove
Sunshine Class teacher: Miss Blythe; teaching assistant Mrs Durrant



1T teacher: Miss Tibbs; teaching assistant Mrs Smith
1C teacher: Miss Child; teaching assistant Mrs Patrick
2D teacher: Mrs Digweed; teaching assistants Mrs Field & Mrs Hawkins
2W teacher:Miss Walsh; teaching assistant Mrs Edwards


3G teacher:Miss Glaysher; teaching assistant Mrs Collison
3P teacher:Miss Pepper; teaching assistant Mrs Douglas
4P teacher:Mrs Probert; teaching assistant Mrs Pick
4D teacher:Miss D’Souza; teaching assistant Mrs Kerner
5K teacher:Miss Keen; teaching assistant Mrs Unsworth
5A teacher:Miss Ainsley; teaching assistant Mrs Flower
6H teacher:Mrs Holmes; teaching assistant for Y6 Mrs Baker
6N teacher:Miss Norris; teaching assistant for Y6 Mrs Baker

Mrs Morley -English in Year 6

Mrs Bramall English and maths in Y5
Mrs Beames, Mrs Lowe, Mr Towndrow and Mrs Twining cover PPA
Mrs Bird -music