Computing and E-safety
Google Expedition

Killigrew School went on a ‘Google Expedition’ using virtual reality. Google sent their representative Rumana Mahmood who brought in two class sets of Google Cardboard headsets with Android devices. These allowed the children to view a 3D 360 panoramic image. The children visited Kruger National Park, space, volcanoes, the solar system, Great Barrier Reef, inside the human body and many more places. The children were amazed at every place they explored.


In Computing Year 3 have been creating class databases. First they made a paper database. Then they added each record to a computer database. The records can be sorted using the different fields hair colour, month born, height, etc.. The children can then quickly run reports and find out information about their class.

Learning how sensors work using Lego Wedo

In computing Year 5 have been learning that input from sensors can control output devices. Using Lego WeDo the children have built projects and then written code to control them.