Who are the Governing Body?

The Governing Body consists of a group of people who offer the school different areas of expertise. They ensure the school provides a good all-round education for all pupils.  All governors are unpaid voluntary members taken from the local community.

Chair of Governors: Mr S. Green (s.green@killigrew.herts.sch.uk)

Miss Mylotte, head teacher of the school sits on the Board of Governors in a voluntary capacity.

The Governing Body divides into smaller committees. These are:

The Resources Committee

Chair: Mr. M. Smith

The committee considers all personnel matters that arise. They are responsible for reviewing the staffing structure and are also responsible for finances and budget.

They monitor the budget and ensure that spending always has an impact on the children’s learning. The committee ensures that the school buildings are kept in good repair. Examples of this include playground works and complying with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act.

School Effectiveness Committee

Chair: Mr S. Popat
This committee has the task of reviewing the curriculum that is being taught in the school, ensuring that all pupils are learning and progressing. During the year the committee reviews school policies.

Within the committees, working parties are often formed to review specific items. At present, a working party is reviewing school data to evaluate strengths and weaknesses.  During the year the Headteacher has her performance reviewed by members of the Governing Body, assisted by an external advisor.

The role of the Governing Body is to work with the school to raise standards. This is done by agreeing school aims and values, reviewing policies and gathering evidence.

I hope this information is interesting and helps you to understand who we are and what the Governing Body does for your child and their school.

If you have a concern about your child please speak to your child’s class teacher or the head teacher. Usually, any problems are resolved without the involvement of the Governing Body.

Governing Body Statement of Behaviour Principles

We believe that everyone involved with our school community has rights and responsibilities to ensure that teaching and learning take place effectively. This includes governors, staff, pupils and parents.  As governors, we share the responsibility of ensuring high standards of behaviour.  Our duty of care encompasses the promotion of behaviour which is positive, reflects our school values and underpins the safety and security of the learning environment.

Our values include:

  • honesty and integrity
  • kindness, thoughtfulness and consideration
  • respect for others, property, and the environment
  • politeness and good manners
  • acceptance of and respect for differences of belief and culture
  • taking responsibility for actions and accepting consequences
  • supporting and encouraging others
  • self-discipline

Our values reject:

  • any form of bullying (including homophobic bullying), racism or sexism
  • physical/verbal confrontation
  • damaging property
  • reckless behaviour
  • disrespect e.g. rudeness, answering back
  • selfishness
  • unkindness, e.g. name calling

Governing Body Structure & Responsibilities
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