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Spelling Information
Colour coded useful spelling patterns and word lists

Here is a colour coded list of the most important spelling objectives taught to the children between Years 2 and 6. The colours tell you which year group the objective will be taught in, based on current curriculum expectations (although there is some overlap). The list is not exhaustive by any means, but it does detail the words that come up most frequently in standardised tests and those that the children use most frequently in their writing. The sheet is intended as a guide, not a list of spellings to learn by rote. If you would like to work with your child, please use the list as a starting point to investigate words that come under the objectives noted. Perhaps work together to create word clusters (a group of words that all contain the same letter string or spelling pattern). In Year 6 the children can be tested on any of these words. Usually the test is roughly split into thirds with a third (sometimes more) of words taken from the objectives from Year 2 to 4, a third or more from the Year 5 curriculum and then a scattering of tricky words and homophones from the Year 6 revision curriculum. The English language is complicated, so the children have their work cut out!

RWI Spelling Overview
Here is an overview of our RWI spelling programme, which is taught from Y2 to Y6. There is a weblink – which you can follow for more information.

Statutory Word Lists
Here are the statutory word lists issued by the Department for Education. These are words that children should know on exit from Y4 and Y6.

Read Write Inc. – Information for parents
Below, you’ll find a series of information and tutorial videos explaining the basics of Read Write Inc. Phonics. 

eSafety information afternoon –  Herts for Learning eSafety for Parents  information