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We strive to create an exciting environment which will stimulate children and make them want to learn and develop good long term attitudes to school and to learning.
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We monitor children’s progress and development carefully so that new skills and ideas can be introduced as soon as a child is ready to progress to the next stage of learning. Our aim is to ensure that every child has access and entitlement to a broad, balanced, differentiated and relevant curriculum.

We believe that children learn most effectively from first hand experiences and we endeavour to provide them wherever possible. The children engage in many practical activities and visits.




Killigrew Whole School Curriculum Overview

Early Years (Nursery & Reception)

Killigrew Nursery Curriculum Map

Killigrew Reception Curriculum Map

EYFS Outcomes Early Learning Goals
EYFS Outcomes 30-50 months
EYFS Outcomes 40-60 months

‘What to expect, when?’

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Killigrew Art Curriculum Overview
Killigrew DT Curriculum Overview
Killigrew Art and D&T Rationale
Killigrew Art Skills Progression
Killigrew DT Skills Progression

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Killigrew Computing Curriculum Overview
Killigrew Computing Rationale
Killigrew Computing Skills Progression

Killigrew English Curriculum Overview
Killigrew English Rationale
Killigrew English Spoken Language Skills Progression
Killigrew English Reading Skills Progression
Killigrew English Writing Skills Progression

Phonics Information (YR-Y2)
RWI Spelling Overview (Y2-Y6)
Useful spelling patterns and word lists 

Killigrew French Curriculum Overview
Killigrew French Skills Progression
Killigrew French Rationale

Killigrew Geography Curriculum Overview
Killigrew Geography Rationale
Killigrew Geography Skills Progression

Killigrew History Curriculum Overview

Killigrew History Rationale
Killigrew History Skills Progression

Killigrew Maths Curriculum Overview

Killigrew Maths Rationale
Killigrew Maths Progression Map Statutory Content
Killigrew Maths Progression Map Supplementary Framework

Killigrew Music Curriculum Overview

Killigrew Music Rationale
Killigrew Music Skills Progression

Killigrew PE Curriculum Overview

Killigrew PE Rationale
Killigrew PE Skills Progression

Killigrew PSHE and RSE Curriculum Overview
Killigrew PSHE Rationale

Killigrew RE Curriculum Overview
Killigrew RE Rationale
Killigrew RE Skills Progression

Killigrew Science Curriculum Overview
Killigrew Science Rationale
Killigrew Science Skills Progression

British Values
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