Who are the Governing Body?

The Governing Body consists of a group of people who offer the school different areas of expertise. They ensure the school provides a good all-round education for all pupils.  All governors are unpaid voluntary members taken from the local community.

Chair of Governors: Mr S. Green (s.green@killigrew.herts.sch.uk)

Miss Mylotte, head teacher of the school sits on the Board of Governors in a voluntary capacity.


Find out more about our governors here:

Steve Green (Chair of Governors)
I have been a governor since September 2015, and have girls in years 5 and 3 (I also previously had a son here who is now in year 8).  I started off as a parent governor, but became Chair of Governors in September 2018, and currently sit on the Resources Committee and the school Data Working Party. 

Having been the first in my family to stay in education post 16, I understand the benefit that a good education can bring, and am passionate in ensuring all children get access to great teaching. I ended up studying History at Warwick University, and since then have worked in a large number of IT and data roles. I am really keen to not just ensure kids get good academic teaching, but that they are also taught how to be valuable members of the community. Killigrew is a great school that provides this mix of skills, and I am proud of how the teaching staff keep pushing themselves to achieve better outcomes for the children.

Shai Popat

I am a parent governor and have two boys in Year 6 and 3 respectively.

I have a degree in Business, Law and German and have spent the last 25 years working in the financial markets. I currently lead a financial data business for a stock exchange.

I became a governor because I am passionate in the belief that we must create a safe and fun environment in which our children, whatever their background, can flourish and be fully prepared for a demanding future. As Chair of the School Effectiveness Committee and a link governor for Pupil Premium and Special Educational Needs, I  hope to be able to contribute to making a great school even better.

Amanda Jackson
I have been a parent governor at Killigrew since September 2016. I am Vice-Chair and link governor for Health and Safety, Safeguarding Children and Governor Training and Development. I also serve on the School Effectiveness Committee and Resources Committee.  

I studied at the London School of Economics and Liverpool University and have degrees in Geography and Civic Design. I have over thirty years of experience in local government and currently work for a large central London local planning authority.

Being a Killigrew governor is a very fulfilling and enjoyable role, working with the other governors and Head Teacher to ensure that Killigrew is a safe and happy learning environment where every child receives support, guidance and encouragement to help them achieve their full potential.  

Giles Fry

I am a parent governor of two children in Year 1 and 2.

I attended a Grammar School in Portsmouth, where I was brought up and gained a Degree in Hospitality from Brighton University. I now run my own company from St Albans and live with my wife in Park Street.

Being a Governor allows me to get involved in this fantastic school and really support the Head and amazing teaching staff. This support, then allows for all the children to grow and flourish, in an environment that nurtures all, no matter what ability or background.

Matthew Smith
I am  married  with 2  children, Oliver who has just  taken  his  GCSE’s and  Emily who  has completed  the second year of her natural sciences degree at  Durham University. We also have 2 Airedales that require walking twice a day. I am a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Architect with 39 years experience, currently working as Finance Director for a family owned Property Group. I was an elected Parent Governor at Killigrew Infants in 2004 when my children were at the  school.    I  am  now  a  co-opted  governor and am the chair  of  the  Resources Committee. I am also serving as an elected parent governor at Parmiter’s, which is one of the destination schools for our Year 6’s.I believe that I can serve the school utilising my architectural, accounting and significant governance experience.

Gordon Baisley

I am the Local Authority Governor for Killigrew having been nominated by Herts Governor Services. My term started in March 2018. I am a member of the Full Governing Body and the School Effectiveness Committee, and link governor for Eco School and Maths.

I have a BA(Hons) in Management Science and MSc in IT for Management. My career was in a variety of IT Management roles, laterally as Director of QA for a large Financial Services Company, before leaving to establish my own business based in St Albans five years ago.

I am a parent of three boys aged 10, 8 and 5 who all attend Alban City School (ACS) where I am also a Parent Governor and Chair of the Resources Committee. In working in St Albans I found the removal of commute gave me time to get involved in the community and with three young children, School Governor was something I had connection to and interest in. I was elected at ACS in 2016. I volunteered to Herts Governor Services to join another school as I felt this would give me more perspective, improve my knowledge and capability, and see me offer more value to both schools as well as transferring ideas between the two. This has felt the case and involvement in both schools is rewarding and complementary.

Alison Game

I am a parent governor; my eldest son is currently in Year 1 and my youngest son will hopefully be joining Reception in September 2021.

I attended the University of Nottingham where I studied Geography, before completing a PGCE and Masters in Education at Cambridge University. Following my studies, I moved to St Albans and began teaching geography in a local secondary school. I then met my husband and settled in this area.

During my initial years of teaching, I became interested in special education needs and decided to specialise in this area, firstly training as a Specialist Teacher and then as a Special Educational Needs Coordinator.

Over recent years, I have worked in both the state and private sectors leading special educational needs provisions. Currently I work in a local secondary school as a Specialist Assessor.

I became a parent governor as I am keen to be involved with this great community school and am passionate that all students have access to a full and rewarding experience at school, with their strengths celebrated and support provided where necessary. I am the link governor for Special Education Needs and part of the School Effectiveness Committee.

Anna Iskandar
I became a parent governor in September 2020 and I have two girls in Years 4 and 6 respectively.

I am a primary school teacher by trade, and I’ve taught across all year groups from Nursery to year 6 in my 20 years of teaching in Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire. I’m an experienced Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENDCo) and this, coupled with my love for working in Early Years, has led me to current role of Early Years Specialist Advisory Teacher.

Being a Governor at Killigrew enables me to be part of a fantastic team in what I really believe is a wonderful school. As part of the School Effectiveness Committee, I have a link role with the Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS). I hope I will be able to put my experience in education to good use to ensure that we provide a happy, safe learning environment for our children.

Jennifer Davison
I joined Killigrew’s governing body in September 2020 and sit on the School Effectiveness Committee. I am also link governor for Curriculum and Safeguarding. I have two daughters at Killigrew and am an Assistant Head at Abbot’s Hill School with my primary responsibility being for professional development. 
I have a degree in History and have been a teacher for 16 years – primarily in secondary education, although in my current post at Abbot’s Hill, I am enjoying teaching years 5 and 6, as well as the older pupils. I am deeply committed to empowering every child to achieve their best. 

Our other governors are:
Caroline Gibbard (Staff governor)
Karen Morley (Associate governor)
Tracy Mylotte (Head teacher)

The Governing Body divides into smaller committees. These are:

The Resources Committee

Chair: Mr. M. Smith

The committee considers all personnel matters that arise. They are responsible for reviewing the staffing structure and are also responsible for finances and budget.

They monitor the budget and ensure that spending always has an impact on the children’s learning. The committee ensures that the school buildings are kept in good repair. Examples of this include playground works and complying with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act.

School Effectiveness Committee

Chair: Mr S. Popat
This committee has the task of reviewing the curriculum that is being taught in the school, ensuring that all pupils are learning and progressing. During the year the committee reviews school policies.

Within the committees, working parties are often formed to review specific items. At present, a working party is reviewing school data to evaluate strengths and weaknesses.  During the year the Headteacher has her performance reviewed by members of the Governing Body, assisted by an external advisor.

The role of the Governing Body is to work with the school to raise standards. This is done by agreeing school aims and values, reviewing policies and gathering evidence.

I hope this information is interesting and helps you to understand who we are and what the Governing Body does for your child and their school.

If you have a concern about your child please speak to your child’s class teacher or the head teacher. Usually, any problems are resolved without the involvement of the Governing Body.

Governing Body Statement of Behaviour Principles

We believe that everyone involved with our school community has rights and responsibilities to ensure that teaching and learning take place effectively. This includes governors, staff, pupils and parents.  As governors, we share the responsibility of ensuring high standards of behaviour.  Our duty of care encompasses the promotion of behaviour which is positive, reflects our school values and underpins the safety and security of the learning environment.

Our values include:

  • honesty and integrity
  • kindness, thoughtfulness and consideration
  • respect for others, property, and the environment
  • politeness and good manners
  • acceptance of and respect for differences of belief and culture
  • taking responsibility for actions and accepting consequences
  • supporting and encouraging others
  • self-discipline

Our values reject:

  • any form of bullying (including homophobic bullying), racism or sexism
  • physical/verbal confrontation
  • damaging property
  • reckless behaviour
  • disrespect e.g. rudeness, answering back
  • selfishness
  • unkindness, e.g. name calling

Governing Body Structure & Responsibilities 2020-21
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